Cashmere Kitty CBD Flower

Cashmere Kitty CBD Flower

This one-of-a-kind genetic is a cross of top hemp strain, Cat's Meow Cherry W, and Alpine Gleaux from High Alpine Genetics. The buds are full of terpenes and trichomes, coming in a mix of beautiful dark purples, greens and oranges. This flower has a bright and punchy Clove smell and Terpenes are reminiscent sour candy, freshy tires and perfume. It is pundgent!

Based on the Terpene Profile, Cashmere Kitty is a hybrid dominating with primarily relaxing characteristics.

Terpene Profile:

Terpinolene 5.12mg/g

β-Caryophyllene 4.77 mg/g

β-Myrcene 2.9 mg/g

α-Bisabolol 2.8 mg/g

α-Humulene 1.1 mg/g

Available in; 1g Pre Rolls, 7-Pack Pre Rolls, ⅛ Jar, ¼ Bag, 1oz Bag. Wholesale Lbs Inquire

At Subtle Seed Farm, we grow hemp with heart. Each plant is brought up organically, watered with Appalachian spring water, and grown in living soil beds. When just ripe, we harvest with a little blessing and bring plants into the climate-controlled facility to be dried and cured to perfection. Once ready, our skilled team hand trims each bud so that the end-user gets only the best of our crop.

Our prerolls are made with high-quality small buds, carefully trimmed, and then rolled in RAW paper cones.

All of our flower contains less than .3% Δ9 THC.