Space Force Hemp Flower

Space Force Hemp Flower

Space Force is one of the most unique strains we grow! This cross between Magic Bullet #5 and The Wu is richly herbal with piney and hoppy undertones. With 22.1% total cannabinoids and 17.3% total CBD this strain is sure to ease your troubles. It also has a noticeable amount of CBCa and CBGa. The buds are little hardballs and they smoke great. 


Our hemp flower comes from the heart of all of us here at Subtle Seed Farm. Each plant is lovingly grown in our greenhouses with living soil garden beds, where it is fed and cared for with organic methods. When just ripe, we harvest it with a little blessing and bring it to the climate controlled barn to be dried and cured to perfection. Once ready, one of our skilled and caring trimmers hand trims each bud so that the end user gets only the best of our crop.


Our prerolls are made with organic hemp paper cones.


All of our flower contains less than .3% Δ9 THC.