About our unique full spectrum hemp extract

What is Raw Hemp Extract?

The hemp plant naturally produces CBDa (cannabidiolic acid), which very slowly over time will transform into CBD (cannabidiol). Chemically, this is called decarboxylation, or loss of a carboxyl group, which ends up being a CO2 molecule leaving CBDa to form CBD. This process accelerates by increasing temperature, like when smoking or cooking with the plant.


Most products and brands on the market intentionally decarboxylate their flower or their extract at very high temperatures, forcing all of the CBDa to turn into CBD. While this maximizes the amount of CBD in the product, it also eliminates the presence of CBDa which has been shown to be a beneficial component of hemp extracts, especially when present with CBD.


Further, this decarboxylation process also affects other compounds in the hemp extract, modifying or eliminating other compounds found in the plant, like yummy and medicinal terpenes. Subtle Seed Farm products utilize raw 'uncooked' hemp extracts in addition to decarboxylated 'cooked' hemp extracts. The intention is to keep the product as close to the original plant, with all of its potential benefits. 

Visit our extraction partners at Asheville Botanicals to learn more about the process of making these truly full spectrum extracts.